Black Belt – 2nd Degree

Sensei Mike Oscar began his martial arts training in 1996 at Gettysburg College.  During the 1998/1999 school year he studied abroad in Japan picking up a wealth of knowledge about Asian Cultures and the Japanese language which he utilizes in his studies of the Martial Arts. While in Japan, Sensei Mike studied Judo and became an official member of the Nanzan University Judo Club. He was the only foreigner to train with the club for the full year. After returning from Japan, he continued his training in Cuong Nhu and for a short while he studied Kendo (a style of Japanese sword fighting).  In the fall of 2000, he temporarily took over teaching at Gettysburg College Dojo while the head instructors were out of the country.  This experience gave him invaluable knowledge that helped him with his training for Black Belt, which he earned in May 2005.  He has since earned his Nidan (2nd degree Black Belt). Sensei Mike has as true passion for the Martial Arts and enjoys learning techniques from various styles whenever he can to help deepen his knowledge of the Martial Arts.  Sensei believes that a good instructor needs to be a good student and he continues his weekly training under Sensei Joe, furthering his knowledge of the Martial Arts. Sensei Mike has a true passion for not only the Martial Arts, but for all learning and tries to apply this to his daily life.