Sensei Seth Clearwater

Sensei Seth began training with Satori in January 2020, just before the first COVID shutdowns. More than a year of virtual-only classes didn’t stop him from aggressively attacking the curriculum, culminating with attaining his Black Belt in December 2023. While he trained sporadically in other martial arts since age 10, Sensei Seth considers Satori his true dojo. He loves all aspects of the Satori curriculum, both empty hand and weapons, and looks forward to deepening that knowledge as a black belt. He’s also passionate about teaching in both the kids’ and adults’ classes. When not practicing martial arts, Sensei Seth is a software engineer at Vanguard, and he enjoys cooking, hiking, gardening, and woodworking. He’s grateful to his wife, Leslie, for finding Satori Dojo for their family, and for her unflagging support of his training.