Master Joe Varady

PositionHead Instructor
ExperienceBlack Belt – 6th Degree
Master Joe Varady began his Cuong Nhu training in 1987 at Gettysburg College. He served Cuong Nhu as Northeast Regional Representative from 1994 to 2000. He wrote and illustrated the three adult Cuong Nhu training manuals, co-authored the Soft Style Training Manual, and compiled two full color manuals for kids. Outside of Cuong Nhu, Joe served as president of the Universal Systems of Martial Arts Organization, an active fellowship that provides practioners of different styles of martial arts with an open forum for sharing techniques and principles. Over the last three decades, Master Joe has cross-trained in eastern martial arts including karate, tae kwon do, judo, wing chun, and eskrima, as well as various western martial arts, such as boxing, fencing, long sword, sword and shield, and various methods of armored fighting. Master Joe is the author of two martial arts books, The Art and Science of Staff Fighting (YMAA 2016) and The Art and Science of Stick Fighting (YMAA 2020). He is currently working on his third installment, The Art and Science of Self Defense.
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