Co-Head Instructor
Black Belt – 4th Degree

Master Kathy is a fourth degree black belt who began her Cuong Nhu training at Gettysburg College in 1991. After graduation, she moved to the Phoenixville area where she co-founded Satori Dojo with her husband, Joe, in 1994. In addition to an extensive gymnastics background, Kathy has trained in Judo and Anusara Yoga. She combines these disciplines with her Cuong Nhu training to become an even better-rounded Martial Artist. On her Nidan Test in 2002, Master Kathy executed a front flip, landing on her back and shattering three boards with her heel. In 2006, Master Kathy became a certified instructor of the Bao Way System of Self-Defense. She enjoys spending time outdoors, often hiking, kayaking, gardening, or running. In 2019 she completed a half marathon run in Philadelphia. She is a mother of two and a nurse at the Phoenixville Hospital.